Huge wall of sound, with amazing dynamic headroom
Maintenance service done in :
Cleaned in/out, all controls/connectors deoxidized/lubed;
cold solder joints re-flowed with fresh solder, new relay installed, DC offset adjusted to less than 5 mV L/R, bias voltages adjusted to 16 mV L/R, per factory specs (important for amp stability/sound quality)
Imagine iconic , but on on steroids; that's what it is;
the integrated amp, which is the base of was rated Class B in Stereophile magazine, their highest rating for consumer electronics. Class A is the McIntosh ilk, twenty times this price.
Classic model with incredible headroom, capable of driving difficult loads with ease. Hand built by NAD in Taiwan with discrete audiophile components.
Those 50 Watts per channel (THD less than 0.03%) are very underrated; this thing can drive ANY speakers to very loud levels. The NAD is a high-end piece of equipment with pin-point imaging and great clarity of sound.
* MSRP: USD $598 = CAD $796 +tax in = CAD $ in
* Dynamic Power: 8Ohm 90 W/ch, 4Ohm 150W/ch, 2 Ohm 180W/ch !!
* Damping factor: 100
* Metal construction, Triple-Transformer DC design
* Massive heat sinks
* Pre out/Main In
* Loudness, Low Level, Mono, Infrasonic, Speaker EQ, Record out
* FM, AM, Aux, Tape1, Tape2, Phono MM/MC, Tuner
* Speakers: A,B, A+B, Off
* Can be bridged
* Hi-end Schotz tuner
* 16 1/2 x 13 x 4" at 23 lbs; slim and heavy
Model was favorably reviewed in both NYTimes and Stereo Review magazine (May ) by Hirsch and Stark:
"both in the performance of its various subsections and it's overall capabilities, the NAD is an exceptional receiver."
I've been collecting vintage stereos for a long time, so trades for old Sansui, Akai, Sony, Yamaha, Denon, Tannoy, Kenwood, JBL Pro, Rotel, Marantz, Philips receiver, amplifier, CD player, speakers in any condition will be considered.
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